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Ottawa to Sarajevo…via London

The last month since leaving Canada has been a whirlwind back in London. And it’s been great to be back, mid-summer, with that cool airy sunshine that June in southern England carries with it, and which makes me glad to be home. As usual I’ve been cramming writing in...

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Reading in Toronto

I’m very much looking forward to being back in Toronto on 20th May, this time for a reading. I’m reading as part of the Pivot Reading series, with three local Toronto poets, whose work I greatly admire: Ben Ladouceur, Jeff Latosik, & Jimmy McInnes. Be great to...

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Heading Home

So, today I’m sitting in a café in an unusually sunny Ottawa, Ontario. We’ve gone straight from a cold, cold winter into basking weather – 20 degrees, perfect blue sky and every shrub and tree suddenly racing into bloom. Even for someone who likes winter (when else...

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At the launch reading for ‘Beetle’ at Keat’s House in London late last year, someone asked me why I’d written a collection of poetry, mostly about war, mostly set in Bosnia. Why choose Bosnia? Why now? To answer, I went back to a cold sunny morning in early Spring in...

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